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Children's Museum of Denver

Het Children's Museum of Denver op de Marsico Campus is gunstig gelegen in het centrum van Denver op 2121 Children’s Museum Drive. Deze centrale locatie maakt het gemakkelijk toegankelijk voor toeristen die de stad bezoeken.

Focus en Doelgroep van het Museum

Het Children's Museum of Denver op de Marsico Campus is gewijd aan vroegschoolse educatie. Het dient kinderen van pasgeborenen tot acht jaar oud en hun verzorgers, met interactieve tentoonstellingen en educatieve programmering.

Toegankelijkheid in het Museum

Het Children's Museum of Denver op de Marsico Campus is inclusief en toegankelijk, met voorzieningen voor bezoekers met een handicap. Er zijn speciale tijden gepland voor kinderen met een handicap en hun families om het museum te bezoeken in een rustigere omgeving.

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ENChildren’s Museum of Denver At Marsico Campus

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Children's Museum of Denver
Children's Museum Drive 2121
CO 80211 Denver

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2 – 59US$ 15,00
60+US$ 13,00
Age 1US$ 13,00
Under age 1Gratis


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Locatie & Kaart

Children's Museum Drive 2121, Denver

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Recensies van Children's Museum of Denver

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  • K
    Kathleen • 26 sep 2022

    My family and I went to Denver, CO for our family vacation over the summer and my eldest wanted to go to the Children's Museum which was fantastic in every way! We had a great time and my daughter loved every minute of it! This review isn't so much for the museum itself, but for the Gift Shop Manager, Noelle Nelson. When we were at the museum my daughter found a toy there that she really liked, but it was expensive and it would have blown her vacation/souvenir fund and we still had like, 10 more days left before coming home. I made a note of the toy and told my daughter that maybe that would be something Santa might bring her for Christmas, thinking to myself, "Yeah, this won't be hard to track down." Problem solved, right?

    Boy was I wrong! This was a specialty toy and it was overseas so if I even got it shipped to my house, in some way, so me how, the shipping would have been astronomical! I was really hoping my daughter would have forgotten about it but, again, I was wrong! She keeps telling me when it's time to write our Christmas letters, to make sure I put that toy down from the Denver's Children's Museum. I was in trouble.

    I wrote out to the Museum as my final Hail Mary, wondering if there was a chance they could ship me this toy that my daughter wants for Christmas. You have to understand, she has been dropping some heavy hints for the last month and a half. I laid out my plight, thinking, "Yeah, this isn't going to work!" Then an angel appeared, by the name of Noelle Nelson, who emailed me and told me, that they could do it! Normally they wouldn't do something like this, but "it's important to champion the joy and wonder of childhood" as this is the mission of the museum! I am so unbelievably humbled and excited, that I can get this toy for her, and her knowing that "Santa" brought it all the way from the Museum that she had so much fun at.

    Noelle has been awesome about keeping me in the loop as to when she plans to ship it so that we have time to get it from Colorado to Iowa! Thank you Noelle for making this happen and to the Museum as well, for having such amazing and caring people on your staff!

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    Bezocht op 3 aug 2022

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